Classic Roast Chicken with a Twist


When in doubt, always trust Ina Garten’s recipes. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. Her roast chicken recipe is perfect: crispy skin with lemony tender meat and a thyme filled aroma. One night when I was making this, I went on a riff that proved to be somewhat genius. I don’t mean to wax my own car so much and I’m usually pretty unimpressed with my own cooking, but this was an exception. It was the best chicken I’ve ever made. Nay, the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. Continue reading

Thai-inspired Coconut Noodle Soup with Pork


I visited Saigon two years ago, and I still dream about the food. If you get a chance to go to Vietnam, do it! I can barely write post this without booking a one way ticket. It’s an incredibly friendly city, the architecture is stunning and the food is out of this world. Since then, I’ve tried my hand at replicating many of their dishes. This one can’t really be considered truly Thai, because I always leave out fish sauce -a must have for most Thai dishes- and the pork meatballs are completely my own creation, but the Thai red curry and coconut milk take me back to the streets of Saigon in one bite. Continue reading