What We’re Reading: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists”


Of course, there’s no arguing that sentiment here.

Recently, the country of Sweden gave this book to ALL sixteen year old students. I’m not an educator, nor do I know many young people. But as soon as I do, I’ll be gifting them this little jem. It’s a really fast read and in fact, you can finish it in about the same time it might take to eat a muffin or listen to the TEDx Talk that inspired the written version (linked below), so there’s really no excuse not to pick it up.

Feminists get a bad rap, but Adichie’s manifesto is nothing but positive, forward thinking and inclusive. Even when siting systemic oppression or horrific acts of violence toward women to prove a point, the motive is not to dwell on those most depressing facts, but to inform and empower a generation to change. We are so much more than our pasts. As Adichie says, we have evolved.

Also, its small enough to fit into a stocking! Happy Holidays!

The State of the Union and White Women as a Pretext for Racism

The events of this last week in Charleston have shocked me beyond belief and yet are too familiar a story. We cannot continue to deny the consistent undercurrent of racism in this country. For many of us, it’s hard to imagine how and why this could happen but the bottom line is that racism continues to take American lives and at some point, we have to put our foot down to protect our own people. While this may feel like an extremist act, it is the act of a mad man echoing the racism of the culture in which he is surrounded. He was enabled, superficially by our lenient gun laws and intrinsically by the values of major groups in this country. The permissiveness that exists in -specifically- the south, allows deep seated racism to continue has been out of hand for some time. Older white generations look back on the 1960’s and 70’s and with all good intentions say, “But look how far we’ve come!” And it’s true, and we are thankful. But that contentedness, that position of accomplishment says “OK! We’re done here! That was hard but now I can stop thinking about it. We fixed it.” It’s hard to keep going, it’s hard to pick that flag back up and get back to work because I’m only 29 and I’m exhausted about it too. Every time we hear of another police officer assaulting a person of color I sigh and think, “Again? Really?” I truly don’t know how Black America can wake up each morning and continue with such fervor, with such passion and hope. It’s exhausting, its demoralizing but damn it, it has to stop. Continue reading

Feminist Lisa Frank Tumblr; Ironic Misandry at it’s best


Quote by Florynce Kennedy

We are OBSESSED with this genius Feminist Lisa Frank tumblr! Recently, Lisa’s people have fired back at the tumblr and asked for a cease and desist, but we are coming out in support of FLF, who’s “About” section reads: “dismantling the patriarchy one rainbow kitten at a time.” Truly, what is more empowering than reclaiming images of rainbows and unicorns from our girl-hood as flags of feminist glory?  Please Feminist Lisa Frank, never stop posting! Continue reading

Let’s Strike “Slut” from the Lexicon


I haven’t thought about the word in quite a while. Honestly, it’s mostly faded from my vocabulary. Recently, someone complaining to me about this friend and I was trying to empathize, though I don’t have a lot of drama- girlfriend or otherwise in my life anymore. I can relate because I definitely used to have a lot in my life. In hindsight, all that drama from college and years past- even when it was someone else’s fault- was still totally my fault for just being in that situation. I am glad I’m past those days. I can’t even think of what would be a big enough deal that I could have an actual fallout with any of my friends but I guess thats the peace and beauty that comes with being almost 30. Still, I was young once and I remember what it was like to be mad at a friend. So she’s ranting about her friend, then leans in, slows and quiets her voice, looks me in the eye and says while shaking her head, “She was SUCH a SLUT in high school.”  Continue reading