Feminist Obama

Oh, how I am going to miss you, President Obama…

Thanks for this, Buzzfeed. The video shows so clearly how respectful, compassionate and #feminist (YAY!) our current president is. Ya’ll, we can’t let this misogynist, racist buffoon into office. I am feeling relatively calm because though he may win the Republican nomination, I can’t imagine him beating Hilary or even Bernie. The two democratic candidates, at least to me, are so clearly more¬†qualified, smarter and better candidates to lead this country. I don’t understand how anyone can support someone who shows so little respect for the lives and opinions of literally everyone who isn’t him. But that’s also exactly what worries me; because what I don’t understand about Trump has clearly hit a home run with some “Americans” and his campaign continues to pick up steam amongst them. I can’t imagine it, but is it really possible? I’ll continue to live in denial that this guy could really be president, at least until after the primaries.

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