We get by with a little help from our friends

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men and new homeowners sure have gone awry. This weekend I showed up to Radley Cottage with a trunk full of new tile, mortar and grout, ready to start making our bathroom shiny again. The bathroom renovation has been on our to do list for months and now that the holidays (and many amazing visitors) have come and gone, we can afford to tear the thing apart. I had planned that this tile laying would take one, maybe one and a half weekends total. That plan was literally flooded out of the house when we arrived late Friday evening to the sound of something rushing and spraying inside the house. We found the handle had burst off of the hot water in the tub and water had been shooting strait out at such a force for who knows how long. The entire house was drenched in condensation, like it was sitting inside of a giant sauna.

There were a few hours where I could barely speak to Alan. I was mad that he didn’t know to prevent this. I wondered what we had gotten ourselves into with this purchase, this commitment. Last weekend, my dog had fallen through the attic ceiling into the kitchen (most importantly, she is just fine- but still, there is now a hole in the ceiling). What will it be next week? Will we burn the house down? I thought, “How could we think we are responsible enough to take all this on? We’ve just ruined our entire house!”

At first it seemed like an actual nightmare come to life, but after a long night of cleaning, wiping, blasting the heat and burning a massive fire in our newly installed wood stove, it was clear that the house would dry out and all would be okay. We hugged, we poured a whiskey and we slept by the fire so we could keep feeding it all night.

The next morning the house was drastically drier and we ran to the Home Depot to grab more drying supplies. We spent all day drying the house out. The rain outside sure didn’t help! Then, in the evening, just as we sat down to eat dinner, we heard a friendly honk in the driveway- three of our best friends who heard the bad news surprised us by showing up with their work hats on, ready to help make up for lost time! …and feed us lots of wine. And wow, did they really help. We got more done this weekend, even WITH the flood, than we have in a long time. I’ve always known this saying is true about me and what I want for my life; It takes a village. For this renovation, it takes a village. When I have a kid, it will take a village. Even in my relationship with Alan, it takes a village.

Socially, a lot of pressure exists to find and secure a successful partner, while platonic love relationships are just as important but don’t get the same attention. For example, think of all the romance movies; rom coms, musicals, fairy tales, every Disney movie- they are countless! We’re taught that our happiness in life depends on finding a man to marry. Only recently and sporadically have movies celebrating female friendships (thank you Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!) become more frequent. We can also thank Taylor Swift for Instagramming her time with good girlfriends- she is influencing countless young girls of the next generation and showing them that there is more to life than having a boyfriend.

We should take more time to celebrate our #squads! My (mostly) girl friends have lent their ears and their advice, their hard work and sweat, their talents, their generosity and their weekends to helping me whenever I need it, without me even asking. I hope I always do the same for them because I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet right now, even with all the catastrophes happening at the cottage recently. Instead of making this post all about how we almost destroyed our house, I wanna dedicate it to the BEST friends on the planet. I’ll always be here for you guys, too. Here’s to best friends!



#squad hiking a nearby reservoir on Christmas eve



more #squad riding the bus to a Christmas party in Brooklyn



these wifey’s showed up at our door to help!



you make working fun – even raking infinite leaves



v – IN ACTION – in her “work outfit”


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