Men Who Stand for Women’s Rights: Jimmy Carter

This TED Talk by former President Jimmy Carter is one of the most refreshing things to come across my news feed in months! It’s not often that an old, white man has such an empathetic view on women’s civil rights that takes the side of the feminists, but Jimmy Carter does it here with such a natural passion! I found this talk just after having a very unique conversation this weekend. I was at a weekend getaway with my fiancé’s friends, who are all fun loving people. I wouldn’t have expected to find myself in the middle of a conversation about feminism and the challenges that women face in the workplace, specifically within the film industry, but there I was! Plus, I was having this conversation with a MAN, which I can generally assume will mean that my beliefs will be more extreme than his. But as I got into the meat of it with this guy, I found he actually knew more than I do about women in the film industry, and was genuinely just as concerned and confused as to why women can’t/don’t get big Directing and Producing roles. I stood their with my mouth wide open, then with a baffled furrowed brow as he went on. After I gathered my thoughts, all I could do was ask, “Do you have a lot of sisters, or something?” I couldn’t understand. I wanted to hug him and kiss him on the forehead over and over like a grandma. It was refreshing, inspiring and has given me an extra spring in my step the past few days. How lovely it is to find allies out there in the world, fighting for our cause in their own way. So thank you, “man who will remain un-named” and Former President Jimmy Carter! I salute you both.

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