Tex-Mex Arugula and Chicken Salad


This is my very first salad post and I’m so excited to start sharing my salad knowledge with the world. I love salads. I love making them, ordering them and eating them. Maybe it’s because I’m almost 30, but sometime in the past 2 years my body just really started craving good foods- foods that taste good and foods that are good for me. Hence, this salad obsession.  Continue reading

Let’s Strike “Slut” from the Lexicon


I haven’t thought about the word in quite a while. Honestly, it’s mostly faded from my vocabulary. Recently, someone complaining to me about this friend and I was trying to empathize, though I don’t have a lot of drama- girlfriend or otherwise in my life anymore. I can relate because I definitely used to have a lot in my life. In hindsight, all that drama from college and years past- even when it was someone else’s fault- was still totally my fault for just being in that situation. I am glad I’m past those days. I can’t even think of what would be a big enough deal that I could have an actual fallout with any of my friends but I guess thats the peace and beauty that comes with being almost 30. Still, I was young once and I remember what it was like to be mad at a friend. So she’s ranting about her friend, then leans in, slows and quiets her voice, looks me in the eye and says while shaking her head, “She was SUCH a SLUT in high school.”  Continue reading

Salted Olive Oil Ice Cream


This one is a recipe borrowed from a friend because it’s just too good not to share.

I am not really too much of a sweets person, unless it’s sober January, in which case I cannot get enough desserts. But I could devour pints of this ice cream any time, plus its SO EASY to make with stuff you already have in your pantry/freezer.  Continue reading