How to have a One Night Stand

One of the most pivotal times in my life as a young adult was the sexual awakening years between 20 and, well, now. I’m still learning about my sexuality all the time. I was a relatively late bloomer in the sack, due to 18 years of brainwashing by my ultra conservative Southern Baptist upbringing which included a ceremony where I went up in front of the entire church and my parents gave me a ring as I promised not to have sex until I married. Guys, I’m not totally sure if I even knew my vagina hole was different from my pee hole at that point, I was just doing what I thought was right and cool and honestly– who knows, I was a CHILD and children have non sequitur thought processes that make them super easy to brainwash. More on that, probably, later. Anyway, I went to college and about a year and a half in I started having sex.  Continue reading

Thai-inspired Coconut Noodle Soup with Pork


I visited Saigon two years ago, and I still dream about the food. If you get a chance to go to Vietnam, do it! I can barely write post this without booking a one way ticket. It’s an incredibly friendly city, the architecture is stunning and the food is out of this world. Since then, I’ve tried my hand at replicating many of their dishes. This one can’t really be considered truly Thai, because I always leave out fish sauce -a must have for most Thai dishes- and the pork meatballs are completely my own creation, but the Thai red curry and coconut milk take me back to the streets of Saigon in one bite. Continue reading

The Ultimate, Easy and Basic Baked Chicken Breast


This recipe is the foundation for many meals on this site and is a recipe I first got from my mother and have been using ever since.

I pick a few spices from my cabinet that would go well together and will pair well with whatever I’m cooking. If I’m going for a Mexican flair, I use chili powder and cumin. If I’m going for Italian, I use oregano and thyme. For Thai, lime and ginger zest. For French; lemon zest and tarragon.  Continue reading