Celebrating Diwali


Last week one of my best friends and I took an adventure out to Queens.  A little history on us: She grew up in Bangalore and has essentially made my life complete by moving just a few blocks away. Isn’t that every separated BFF’s dream? We went to college together, worked together, were roommates senior year and I’ve traveled to India with her twice. In school and throughout our travels we’ve always collaborated and made work together- so it just made sense to take a quick trip to the Little India of NYC -Jackson Heights- and document our adventure.

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For some reason, I NEVER use paprika. I always think of it as a flavorless red dust that’s primary use is to add color to The Deviled Egg. I got this cute and fancy one from a shoot and the smokey smell has knocked my socks off! This is not the paprika I am used to. Now, what do I cook with it?